Diet Coke, wait Cocaine???

Coca-Cola has always been a well though-out company and I have always been please with their campaigns and advertisements until now. A fellow classmate of mine blogged this week about the new Diet coke campaign, with the slogan “You’re on Diet Coke”. Implying, just as Mac had stated, that you are on it as if it is a drug. Having such a past relating to drugs, specifically cocaine, their slogan is sending nothing but the wrong messages.
I can see how they may have been trying to sell the product but there are too many mixed messages. They may have been trying to use the “you’re on” as more of the idea that you become addicted to diet Coke. Diet coke is delicious and offers the same great taste but less calories, so good you will be on it. But still it doesn’t send off good vibes to me. Nobody wants to become addicted to something, especially soda. They definitely could have approached this differently, and just like Mac said, they didn’t even need to create a slogan. It’s a product of Coke, and it already well established and loved by millions, there was no need to add a slogan just to create a campaign. They should instead stick what they do best, stay light hearted, use the warm and fuzzies, and televise commercials using celebrity endorsements.

Macalister Robert Clark

Finally Coca-Cola came clean and annouced that aspartame is drug, well sorta unitentionally. Their new Diet Coke commerical pronouces that when you drink Diet Coke “Your on Diet Coke”. This campaign has a few key messages and none of them are good.

“Your on” may sound innocent, but not really when you attach the product Diet Coke to it. Coke is also short for cocaine which as we know is an illict drug. This strategy by Coca-Cola was not well though out and give misnomers of what soda can do for you. Connecting your product with drugs is strategy that is used mainly by pharmaceutical companies who actually sell drugs.

Diet Coke had a good thing going with Taylor Swift and other younger stars. Even Swift is conservative and really has no edge to her she connects with almost every 13-24 girl who might like soda but do not like…

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Burger King took it too far in New Zealand

There was a time when Burger Kings ads were extremely provocative and shown here in the US. But in other parts of the world they have continued to market their family fast food chain a demeaning way. A recent commercial was aired in New Zealand revealing an elderly man dining with a young Russian bride. The commercial barely tries to sell their new burger flavor, but instead ends with the woman asking when the older man will die. This just reveals ageism, sexism, and stereotypes. According to Ad Age, the commercial was supposed to be of a Russian mail order bride, which makes this commercial all the more worse because it then becomes offensive to not only Russian women but to their culture as well.

 Their commercials have always been offensive, vulgar, and out of line. Their business is supposed to cater to a wide audience which includes family; but they instead seem to market primarily to young adults, primarily men. Revealing ads that always objective women and use those as merely a sex object to sell their product. What’s worse is they don’t change, even after receiving media backlash, negative comments, and are approached by customers who inform them of their reaction to these ads claiming that their extremely disappointed and offended.  I wonder what it will take to push them over the line, because despite their ads they are still a leading fast-food chain.

To view the commercial follow this link:

ImageNo Excuse Mom

Maria Kang is a hard working mother of three small boys whose business all started over a Facebook picture that “became a lightning rod for debate over realistic body images and fat shaming”.  After posting a photo of herself in workout gear with her three children, people of Facebook began to comment and criticize her, commenting on anything from being inspired to commenting on her parenting style; wondering what her kids are doing while she works out.

After all of the comments left on Facebook Maria decided to create her own website It is an online support group for hard working mothers. Motivating and inspiring moms that there’s no excuse to having a healthy lifestyle, and it all starts at home. Her website features healthy and easy recipes, exercise advice, nutrition, budgeting, success stories, and venting discussion groups.

She launched her website through exactly what inspired her to create the site; Facebook. She advertised by posting labeled photos of her using phrases like “works 8 hours a day” “gave birth to three sons”.  Her photos became so popular that she generated over 17,000 likes and over 1,200 comments.  Her “What’s your excuse” campaign not only is inspiring because of her physical strength and goals but also her website. She founded the organization off of nothing but an idea to prove that it is possible to be a working mother and be in shape. She created a website and launched, marketed and promoted it herself all through the use and thanks of Facebook.

Check out her website or read more here:



Get the chance of a lifetime to ride in a tank and work out with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Arnold just got himself an army tank and wants you to join in on the ride crushing things with his new toy and spending one- on-one time with this “weight lifter/action hero/governator”.   But what’s the catch? Arnold is raising money for the After School All Star foundation.  For every person that donates will automatically be entered to win an all expense paid trip. You + 1 can fly to Los Angeles and spend the day with Arnold – you’ll ride in his tank together, crush something together, work out together, smoke cigars together – you’ll live like Arnold for a day! Plus the flight and hotel are included for two.

I really appreciate celebrities and artists that take the time to give back to the community and reach out to help support organizations and other causes. This contest is a great way to raise a lot of money while also having the “what’s in it for me” benefit that will drive viewers in. Arnold has been advertised for this contest in a commercial, through online media, as well in articles throughout sites such as Ad Age. They also created a website dedicated to the contest, explaining the cause, their story, past winners, and the trip itself. This is a really fun idea, especially for young boys, can you imagine a 12 year old boy getting to ride in a tank with his dad and Arnold getting to smash cars, furniture, and other giant objects?!

Check out their website and video on these links:


Olympian brings home more than just a silver medal!

ImageAmerican Olympian, Gus Kenworthy, brought home more than just a silver medal; he rescued the lives of 5 stray dogs from Sochi.  This Past Wednesday a litter of three puppies, their mother, and a fifth stray were welcomed with loving arms into the US.  It has been said by NBC news that there are approximately 4,000 stray dogs in Sochi. Kenworthy, found his new companions at a shelter known as PovoDog, where they shelter and care for over 160 stray dogs. It has been stated that the shelters owner is trying to do her best to care for the needs of these animals, but is struggling to afford the basic necessities.

Gus Kenworthy, Ali Fedotowsky of E news, and other public figures have visited the shelter while attending the winter games. They have worked hard to publicize and generate awareness about the Sochi dogs to help raise much needed funds.  They have posted videos, tweets, and endless amounts of photos to help promote the cause. The adopt a Sochi street dog has slowly been underway for the past month and has rapidly turned itself into a campaign; raising money and generating awareness for a set cause.  Creating such publicity and sharing such heart-throbbing photos across every social media outlet has led others to step in.  There is an opportunity for any American to adopt a Sochi dog, and the process is rather simple. Just like in the US the dog must receive a vet examination included with full vaccinations and rabbi test.  Once health certified you can then purchase air transportation ranging from just $150 up to $2,000 varying based on airlines and travel destinations. Once your companion has entered the US they then need to become certified and licensed, before taking them home.

Gus Kenworthy and his social media posts have brought him a lot of attention in the media. He set off this entire  campaign for the cause, started by posting photos which lead to other Olympians finding dogs and tweet or snap chatting as well.  Everyone began to hop on the band wagon, but who wouldn’t? No one can resist loving and saving these helpless dogs. Kenworthy promoted himself without even trying;  and is now the talk of the week after bringing the 5 pups home. He started an outreach program that will continue to grow and may hopefully help change the overpopulation of strays for Sochi in the future.

To learn more about adoptions and donating to the cause follow this link:


Copenhagen Zoo turns “over-representation” of giraffes into a PR dilemma

A fellow peer of mine, recently blogged about the Copenhagen Zoo and the inhumane acts of cruelty they put towards animals. I am an animal lover myself and a 110% agree with her.
With the ‘Blackfish’ documentary going viral, and opening the eyes of viewers across the world, animal cruelty and the question of ethical wrong doings is becoming more aware.
I find myself questioning what I even believe in anymore. If I don’t support SeaWorld what other organizations should I not support? I love animals! I loved getting to see them up close last year at the San Diego Zoo. Should I not take a weekend and go to Woodland Park Zoo or to the Seattle Aquarium because they too confine the animals in a small inhumane space? Where do you draw the line in something you are so strongly against but yet?
Perhaps a law will be initiated where only animals that we now currently have captive will be bred. No more taking wildlife from their homes and away from their families. Where do you stand?

Shameless PR (COM 475)


After watching the eye-opening documentary Blackfish, I grew a passion against the entrapment of wild animals. One example in Copenhagen proves my point.

A healthy two year old giraffe named Marius was gruesomely shot and displayed, publicly, for autopsy. Pictures online show a crowd surrounding the diseased Marius while an autopsy is performed. They then fed Marius to the lions at the Copenhagen Zoo.

The zoo’s reasoning for the kill was that Marius’ genes “were well represented.” In my blunt opinion, that is bull shit and could have been handled differently.

After numerous death threats, almost 30,000 online signatures asking the Copenhagen Zoo to save Marius, adoption offers from other zoos, and even an offer of $682,000 willing to take Marius in, the zoo still decided to go through with it.

As the zoo’s scientific director Bengt Holst said, “We don’t do it to be cruel; we do it to…

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California Bill Seeks to make justice for Orca’s

Image There has been an uproar of controversy across the globe since the CNN premiere of ‘Blackfish’. The documentary gave viewers and inside look in the lives of orcas and the inhumane treatment that SeaWorld provides to them. The film was so eye opening and moving that is has now inspired the California assemblyman Richard Bloom, to propose a bill which could in fact ban orcas from performing in theme parks. The bill would also ban breeding, scientific studies, as well as the import and export of the whales.

It is not only Orca whales that should be recognized, SeaWorld holds captive many other large marine life animals that do not belong there, including my favorite; dolphins. They contain the large and gracious animals in cement swimming pools instead of the wide oceans where they belong. The confined “home” that these animals live in year after year are barely large enough for them to stretch; as they swim in circles endlessly back and forth in encaged concrete.  The confinement is what drives their stress, creating them to lash out and become violent not only with each other but with trainers. Isolating these animals and separating them from their families “pods” is inhumane strictly for the selfishness of our own race. SeaWorld San Diego is not the only amusement park to hold animals captive, the law if past may hopefully spread to other states following in California’s footsteps.

This bill is one that will not be taken lightly, there is a lot of pro’s and con’s that the bill will affect, including the potential to end breeding of the marine mammals- used particularly for science, not just for entertainment value.  However if the bill is initiated it will put those who are swimming free to be remain free, and those that have given their time and effort in the entertainment industry will be given justice. SeaWorld hasn’t had a lot to say in this process, they deny any forms of wrong doing and inhumane acts of cruelty. They stated specifically on NBC that the film was all propaganda.

Little too late, the documentary has lead viewers worldwide to second guess their next vacation destianation. Government legistlators, Peta and other animal advocates have decided to further investigate SeaWorld. California assemblywoman, Lorena Gonzalez, states: “I’m looking forward to having an honest conversation about SeaWorld’s business practices and how they can really be an icon that makes San Diego proud”.

To read more about the bill view this link: