ImageNo Excuse Mom

Maria Kang is a hard working mother of three small boys whose business all started over a Facebook picture that “became a lightning rod for debate over realistic body images and fat shaming”.  After posting a photo of herself in workout gear with her three children, people of Facebook began to comment and criticize her, commenting on anything from being inspired to commenting on her parenting style; wondering what her kids are doing while she works out.

After all of the comments left on Facebook Maria decided to create her own website It is an online support group for hard working mothers. Motivating and inspiring moms that there’s no excuse to having a healthy lifestyle, and it all starts at home. Her website features healthy and easy recipes, exercise advice, nutrition, budgeting, success stories, and venting discussion groups.

She launched her website through exactly what inspired her to create the site; Facebook. She advertised by posting labeled photos of her using phrases like “works 8 hours a day” “gave birth to three sons”.  Her photos became so popular that she generated over 17,000 likes and over 1,200 comments.  Her “What’s your excuse” campaign not only is inspiring because of her physical strength and goals but also her website. She founded the organization off of nothing but an idea to prove that it is possible to be a working mother and be in shape. She created a website and launched, marketed and promoted it herself all through the use and thanks of Facebook.

Check out her website or read more here:




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