Burger King took it too far in New Zealand

There was a time when Burger Kings ads were extremely provocative and shown here in the US. But in other parts of the world they have continued to market their family fast food chain a demeaning way. A recent commercial was aired in New Zealand revealing an elderly man dining with a young Russian bride. The commercial barely tries to sell their new burger flavor, but instead ends with the woman asking when the older man will die. This just reveals ageism, sexism, and stereotypes. According to Ad Age, the commercial was supposed to be of a Russian mail order bride, which makes this commercial all the more worse because it then becomes offensive to not only Russian women but to their culture as well.

 Their commercials have always been offensive, vulgar, and out of line. Their business is supposed to cater to a wide audience which includes family; but they instead seem to market primarily to young adults, primarily men. Revealing ads that always objective women and use those as merely a sex object to sell their product. What’s worse is they don’t change, even after receiving media backlash, negative comments, and are approached by customers who inform them of their reaction to these ads claiming that their extremely disappointed and offended.  I wonder what it will take to push them over the line, because despite their ads they are still a leading fast-food chain.

To view the commercial follow this link: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/remember-when-burger-king-ads-were-insane-new-zealand-they-still-are-156281


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