Olympian brings home more than just a silver medal!

ImageAmerican Olympian, Gus Kenworthy, brought home more than just a silver medal; he rescued the lives of 5 stray dogs from Sochi.  This Past Wednesday a litter of three puppies, their mother, and a fifth stray were welcomed with loving arms into the US.  It has been said by NBC news that there are approximately 4,000 stray dogs in Sochi. Kenworthy, found his new companions at a shelter known as PovoDog, where they shelter and care for over 160 stray dogs. It has been stated that the shelters owner is trying to do her best to care for the needs of these animals, but is struggling to afford the basic necessities.

Gus Kenworthy, Ali Fedotowsky of E news, and other public figures have visited the shelter while attending the winter games. They have worked hard to publicize and generate awareness about the Sochi dogs to help raise much needed funds.  They have posted videos, tweets, and endless amounts of photos to help promote the cause. The adopt a Sochi street dog has slowly been underway for the past month and has rapidly turned itself into a campaign; raising money and generating awareness for a set cause.  Creating such publicity and sharing such heart-throbbing photos across every social media outlet has led others to step in.  There is an opportunity for any American to adopt a Sochi dog, and the process is rather simple. Just like in the US the dog must receive a vet examination included with full vaccinations and rabbi test.  Once health certified you can then purchase air transportation ranging from just $150 up to $2,000 varying based on airlines and travel destinations. Once your companion has entered the US they then need to become certified and licensed, before taking them home.

Gus Kenworthy and his social media posts have brought him a lot of attention in the media. He set off this entire  campaign for the cause, started by posting photos which lead to other Olympians finding dogs and tweet or snap chatting as well.  Everyone began to hop on the band wagon, but who wouldn’t? No one can resist loving and saving these helpless dogs. Kenworthy promoted himself without even trying;  and is now the talk of the week after bringing the 5 pups home. He started an outreach program that will continue to grow and may hopefully help change the overpopulation of strays for Sochi in the future.



To learn more about adoptions and donating to the cause follow this link: http://www.hsi.org/issues/street_dog/factsheets/adopting-transporting-pets-internationally.html



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