California Bill Seeks to make justice for Orca’s

Image There has been an uproar of controversy across the globe since the CNN premiere of ‘Blackfish’. The documentary gave viewers and inside look in the lives of orcas and the inhumane treatment that SeaWorld provides to them. The film was so eye opening and moving that is has now inspired the California assemblyman Richard Bloom, to propose a bill which could in fact ban orcas from performing in theme parks. The bill would also ban breeding, scientific studies, as well as the import and export of the whales.

It is not only Orca whales that should be recognized, SeaWorld holds captive many other large marine life animals that do not belong there, including my favorite; dolphins. They contain the large and gracious animals in cement swimming pools instead of the wide oceans where they belong. The confined “home” that these animals live in year after year are barely large enough for them to stretch; as they swim in circles endlessly back and forth in encaged concrete.  The confinement is what drives their stress, creating them to lash out and become violent not only with each other but with trainers. Isolating these animals and separating them from their families “pods” is inhumane strictly for the selfishness of our own race. SeaWorld San Diego is not the only amusement park to hold animals captive, the law if past may hopefully spread to other states following in California’s footsteps.

This bill is one that will not be taken lightly, there is a lot of pro’s and con’s that the bill will affect, including the potential to end breeding of the marine mammals- used particularly for science, not just for entertainment value.  However if the bill is initiated it will put those who are swimming free to be remain free, and those that have given their time and effort in the entertainment industry will be given justice. SeaWorld hasn’t had a lot to say in this process, they deny any forms of wrong doing and inhumane acts of cruelty. They stated specifically on NBC that the film was all propaganda.

Little too late, the documentary has lead viewers worldwide to second guess their next vacation destianation. Government legistlators, Peta and other animal advocates have decided to further investigate SeaWorld. California assemblywoman, Lorena Gonzalez, states: “I’m looking forward to having an honest conversation about SeaWorld’s business practices and how they can really be an icon that makes San Diego proud”.

To read more about the bill view this link:


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