Lynx. Get dirty.

ImageLynx, solely based out the UK and Ireland, produces all over body products for men including; shower gel, deodorant, and cologne.

This advertisement reels in men through objectifying women and using her as a sex toy. The audience for this product is clearly towards men, primarily between the ages of 15- 30 years old. This large age range holds the main stages of a man’s life I feel fits the persona of this company.  It reaches out to teenage boys who then transition to adults. Let’s be honest, through these stages men in our society desire sex. Companies know that they can gain their audiences attention through visual advertisements focused on sexual objectification.  The poster’s main focus is on an exposed woman, clothed in mud, asking for a man’s attention with the two written words “wash me”. You don’t notice unless looking in the bottom right hand corner that the ad in fact represents lynx new shower gel. It is ironic that the ad shows a girl in need of a shower and yet the product is for men.  On the company’s Facebook page their about me site states:

The Lynx Effect is all about helping you up your game – Look Good, Smell Good, and Feel Good. Because when you’re at your best, your chances are too…

Their message is that by using our products, washing yourself and smelling like lynx you can attract any women you want. You will smell good- therefore feel and look good; hence why you will up your game and get any woman you desire. It just goes to show how our society is bombarded with sexual messages across the media. Companies see it in the fact that sex sells, so why change a good thing, a trend in marketing that practically sells itself.


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