Google Maps gets up close and personal with polar bears

ImageGoogle has paired up with Polar Bear International to help bring awareness of the species and their struggle to survive against climate change. Google maps placed cameras around Churchiill, the Canadian tundra, to allow viewers a 360 degree look into the lives of the animals. This device will greatly help by not only bringing awareness of the suffering species, but also informing users of the consequences that come from global warming.  Through October to November the cameras get a first eye look out onto Hudson Bay as the polar bears wait for the water to freeze over.

Google is always testing the limits of its all-seeing eye, and the tech giant’s newest project puts its relentless reach to good use.

I think that with this advancement in technology, we can do a lot more to make the world a better place. The “all-seeing eye” gives viewers across the world an inside look at the struggle these animals fight with everyday in order to survive. It ties in well with today’s current trend in society; going green.

They also created a short video, displaying the conservation and animals up close and in action. To read more about the newly installed cameras or to view the polar bears live read Googles newer blog posts:

Ad week also discussed the device in an article:


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