Share A Real Moment With Coke: My response

Coca Cola is already a well known brand and they don’t need to do much to advertise their current products, so instead, why not throw in something real, relatable; something to grab viewers attention and make them laugh.

Shannon Lowry, a classmate of mine, recently blogged about the new Coca Cola ad. Their commercial is a big change from their previous ad “America the beautiful”, one that received a lot of controversial up lash.   Their video focuses more on a current social issue then it does their product, but they did it, and they did it well. They call it the “social media guard”, very similar to the plastic cones dogs wear. It is ironic because, just as Shannon pointed out, when I first saw the video I instantly thought cone of shame.

Coca Cola is trying to portray the message that too many people in today’s society are fixated with their phones. They miss out on life when their tied to their screens; missing out on life then  ties in with Coca Cola’s slogan “Share a real moment with Coca Cola”.  It is about the moments in life we should take hold of and spend with those we love.  Their video was well thought out and could be reached by a broad range of consumers; teens, young adults, parents, grandparents, families. I think that Coca Cola did a great job of bringing a real social issue to life and in a relatable yet comical way.

Read more on Shannon’s Blog here:


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