Exercise is Medicine

ImageA new trend in today’s fitness and medical industry involves a new campaign; preventative medicine.  It is a new way for physicians, doctors and health care professionals to assess their patients and clients. Instead of prescribing medication and surgeries they are now taking a holistic health approach. Their new slogan is “Your prescription for health: exercise is medicine”.

Exercise is Medicine is committed to the belief that exercise and physical activity are integral in the prevention and treatment of diseases and should be regularly assessed as part of all medical care.

I have always believed in holistic health; a form of alternative medicine where you focus primarily on yourself as a whole. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet is truly a huge part of disease prevention. I think that a lot more people in today’s society are more health conscious and take more care of their bodies, especially today’s generation of young adults.  From a PR standpoint, I can see this campaign becoming widely successful. Many people who have not heard of or been informed about the benefits of holistic medicine will soon learn how much healthier it is on your body. On their website Exercise is Medicine, you can review their social media, media kits, events, news articles, and news releases. In a few news releases they reveal information such as; cut heart attack risk through vigorous exercise,  combat childhood obesity- get kids active, and prevention involves lifestyle changes not just diagnostics.

This campaign may change the face of the health, fitness, and medical industry as we know it, and I am glad. This will drastically change the corporate fields of medicine and their market share as well as the number of jobs in the health and fitness industry. Those who are becoming nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, even clinical physiologists, will have a better chance at finding a successful career. Large businesses such as trader Joes, Whole Foods, and the organic food market may find an increase in their sales. Companies big and small that offer dance, aerobic, and personal training may find an increase in clientele. Even large chain organizations such as the YMCA or Boys and Girls club may see an increase in memerberships. This campaign is going to sky-rocket and change the perception of medicine in today’s society.



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