Smartphones Entering the Hotel Business

A classmate of mine recently blogged about the use of Smartphone’s in the hotel industry. Starwood hotel is currently undergoing a new program that will allow guests to receive their room key through their Smartphone. The use of a keyless Smartphone entry is a great idea and can be marketed to a wide range of audiences. By staying on track with new technologies, the company is proving themselves worthy to their customers. They show great efforts in trying to keep up with the ever changing world of technology. It shows true customer service; trying to maintain their company in order to reach the needs and wants of their guests.

My only concern with the idea of welcoming Smartphone keys in hotels is that some people don’t have the technology for it. For instance, my grandma and my dad are not very tech. savvy so they only use old school cell phones. I’m curious how the hotel will work around this issue; although technology is growing with modern day consumers- a good portion of their guests may be of older generations who have no interests in staying to date with technology. Do to the up rise in cyber hacking they should definatley consider how they plan to market this campaign- it is very important to reassure the community how safe and reliable this new tool is.

Macalister Robert Clark

Last week Starwood Hotel and Resorts announced a pilot program to allow customers to receive their room keys through their smartphones. Starwoods owns and operates 1,150 properties in 100 countries. Not only is this a smart business move for Starwood, it continues to build their image of excellent customer service.  Its 2014 and we still use little plastic cards to get into our rooms they want to disrupt the arachic check-in process and usher in the 21st Century. Their ability to see the advantages both logistically and the public relations benefits is ingenious.

Technology is invading our lives every day. From wearable technology to smart thermostats we continue to try to make our day-to-day life easier by integrating technology.  Starwood is showing that they care about their guests, they realize checking into a hotel is not a fun process and they are trying to find a way to change how…

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