The “Golden State”

California has long been known as the “Golden State”; great beaches, warm and sunny almost all year round.  Most families choose California as their vacation destination because of the wide selection of entertainment for kids; Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm,  SeaWorld, Sand Diego Zoo, Hollywood. But these are all common misconceptions, there is a lot more to California living than just the glitz, glam, and sunshine.

Their states current efforts and reputation is pretty well off  right now; advertising themselves as the place where you can “Dream Big”. The campaign reveals the things you can do in California besides Hollywood and beaches; they prove that there is a lot more to California living than the common misconceptions. I like that in their commercials they advertise camping, hiking, and skiing in the mountains. It is a great idea because most people don’t think about snow and lodges when they picture vacationing in Cali.  I think that by creating a commercial that includes everything from Disneyland, shopping down Rideau, building sand castles, and seeing the Hollywood stars – they could then include sipping wine in the Napa Valley, boating on Shasta, and skiing in the mountains. Making commercials that reveal city, mountain and coastal living will be an eye opener to those who have only experienced  one way of California.

From a more creative standpoint they could create seasonal Campaigns; commercials, billboards in airports to help bring in more tourists during off seasons. The advertisements could be based off of the upcoming seasons. For instance, summer could show surfing, camping, river floats, and oceanic hikes. In the fall they could focus more on adults while kids are in school; revealing wine tasting, romantic dinners, the golden gate bridge and beach excursions.  For the colder winter seasons they could focus just as they have been- on skiing, snowboarding and the mountain lodge experiences. Lastly, spring could reveal a little bit of everything; mountains, beaches, dining and the zoo!  California has so much to offer, and depending on where in the state you travel the weather will also differ. If it was my campaign I would change  the “Dream big” idea and instead advertise the state as “California- the Universal State”, a place where  everything you want to do comes to you.  The only place you can travel from a city to a beach or from beach to the mountains in a day.

Visit their tourism website to find out more:


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