D&G takes sexy too far

ImageDolce and Gabbana are known for being risqué, but when do their sexy bronzed and glamorized ads become too much? One of their ads has created a lot of controversy. The ad above has been widely controversial and been looked at as a “glamorization of gang rape”. Three men watch as a fourth pins down a young woman, she’s restrained and her face reveals almost a blank look. The way the shot was taken reveals submissiveness; she seems as if helpless in the situation and is positioned around large men gawking at her. This image is what leads many people to view the ad as a representation of abuse and violence.  I see the ad as being demeaning of women; objectifying her as nothing more than a play toy for sex.

This ad not only degrades women, but represents the cliché stereotype of men as well. They are all of course attractive, partially unclothed, strong, and appear domineering. The ad portrays the man as controlling the woman; further emphasizing his dominance and masculinity.

D&G ads portray visualized messages that degrade women, the way they position the models in their photo’s are offending.   The problem with this as is that it it’s not just sexy it is vulgar. The ad came out in 2007 and was displayed across billboards, media, and magazine spreads across the globe.  Adults are not the only ones who view this ad, what kind of message does the give to younger generations- young girls and boys? We live in a world where sex sells. With this comes controversy, but not matter, publicity is publicity.


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