Our Unethical Fast Food World

A fellow class mate of mine recently posted regarding the unethical, unhealthy, and destructive wrong doings that the fast food industry caused against the American society; even more so, the world. Michael posted a short commercial that I think is the perfect example of most Americans today. It revealed a dead man on a screening table while his wife stood watching over him bawling. The commercial then pans out, and the man was still grasping a half un-eaten cheeseburger. It then ends by showing the golden arch we are all too familiar with, symbolizing McDonalds, with the slogan “I loved it”. I really liked the commercial, and even more so the past tense version of the slogan, because it makes a huge a statement. I wonder if someone were to publicize and broadcast this commercial if it would be considered legal. If they slightly changed the logo and kept the slogan the same I think it would be safe and would fall under the parody law of being protected. I think that there should be commercials like that on TV because then maybe more people would be persuaded to choose something other than fast food for dinner.
I recently was having a conversation with my roommate about this very topic. Now, first off, I will admit that I have had fast food plenty of times. I agree that it is a cheap and convenient way to eat when on the run. Often times as a kid my mom would take us for happy meals when on long car trips of after a hectic day when she had no time to cook; however that is also the problem. Americans are so busy running around and all about the “go-go-go” that we don’t take the time to provide ourselves with nutritious meals. As I have gotten older and became more aware of my body and the foods I consume I have become more against the thought of eating fast food. As I discussed this topic with my roommate Kadie, we both agreed that as much as we love our parents and how they raised us we will never feed our children fast food. I don’t want to raise my children someday off of grease by-product meals. In fact they are not meals, they don’t contain fruit, vegetables, even real meat (and no a frozen patty, pickles and soggy lettuce drenched with chlorine does not count). I also don’t want my children drinking a soda and get addicted to McDonalds salty, grease soaked fries; which unfortunately I was introduced to as a kid and had loved. I think that more parents should be teaching their kids about the importance of eating healthy, and more importantly, parents should be eating healthy to not only set an example but to also keep from increasing their risk of mortality.
The fast food industry accounts for not only the cause of obesity, but heart disease, diabetes, addiction, weight gain, and most importantly, mortality. It’s a downward spiral of destructiveness and only we can account for it. Why enjoy the 5 minutes of a meal and then be stuck with the lifetime of consequences? Choose healthy or eat at your own risk.
To watch the video follow Michael and read his blog: http://rigginmikej.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/our-unethical-fast-food-world/

College & Travel Log

Fast food is hell. Can I just say that? I find nothing more offensive than the fast food world.

People need to know what they are consuming because big businesses want to eat us up for profit, milk our wallets for capital, lure us in like cattle to the slaughterhouse, its a shame the entire scheme is, and I used to work at one!

Like most employees at fast food restaurants, I was looking for a part-time job that didn’t require any past experience to get hired. Being my first job, I’d have to say it was my least favorite- picking apples was more dignifying, good grief.

Employees are under paid and work long, exhausting hours sweating above a deep fryer, attending every dolly pardon and joe shmoe on god’s green earth who stumbles in.

I have the right to say, ever since fast food became prevalent in American society…

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