Italian Mafia Roundup

Early this morning the New York Times as well as CBS News reported the breaking operation of more than two dozen people involved in an organized-crime investigation.

“According to the statement, they face charges of “narcotics trafficking, money laundering and firearms offenses based, in part, on their participation in a transnational heroin and cocaine trafficking conspiracy”

The investigation, in simple terms, was uncovering those to one of Italy’s most powerful organized-crimes, the Italian Mafia.  Between both of these news sources I was surprised to learn more about the investigation and arrests of the crime happening in Italy, rather than the U.S. CBS took an inside look at the ongoing operation and even showed online broadcast reporting of the FBI approaching the criminals at their homes. From a different perspective, New York Times wrote an article revealing the ‘major mafia roundup in New York city’.  They stated that “at least seven arrests were made overnight in the New York area,” however, they did not mention the operation and arrests that took place in Italy that same evening. The New York FBI also tweeted this morning that they were carrying out a “major mafia roundup”. Seems more like the New York Times is focusing primarily on themselves and the accomplishments of their police than informing us more of the entire investigation as a whole.

To read each of these news articles and learn more about the investigation follow the links below:


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