Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics

ImageIt is not uncommon for there to be glitches during the opening ceremony of the Olympics; it is however a matter of conflicting opinions when the Russian Sate television airs rehearsal footage rather than broadcasting what actually happened.

“Russian state television aired footage on Friday of five floating snowflakes turning into the Winter Olympic rings and bursting into pyrotechnics as the Sochi Games opening ceremony. The Problem is, that didn’t happen.”

The producers stated that they chose to confirm the switch in order to “preserve the imagery of the Olympic Symbols.”  The problem with this is that only Russia was able to witness a perfect opening ceremony; those that were at home watching the live broadcast on TV.  What does this say about Russia as a country? Looking at this from a PR perspective, they should be doing everything in their power to remain honest and loyal to their citizens. In the news today all you read about is negative comments regarding “poor water”, “anti-gay law”, “Stray-dogs”, “Government admits to spying in shower”,  “Sochi’s darkness behind all the sparkle”, and across all media outlets the most commonly used hashtag has been #Sochiproblems.  Now, to top off their winning streak in the media, they decided to cover up their mistake by changing their footage in order to appear as if nothing went wrong and all was good in the eyes of their Citizen’s. But as for the rest of the world- we know the truth; we watched it live without any edits. I think it just goes to show another poor choice made by their country.  In an article found on the New York Post NBC Commented that they were to air the ceremony in the U.S. on tape delay later Friday, making the statement: “We will show things as they happened tonight.” That right there is LIVE broadcasting; NBC proved that they can stay true to their word.

To read more about the Opening Ceremony read the following articles below!



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