National Pancake Day: my response

We have a National Pancake Day? Free pancakes were being handed out at IHOP on February 5th?!

I love pancakes, how did this slip past me? I remember last year missing out on the same event simply because I didn’t hear about it until the day after the event.

A fellow peer of mine recently blogged about IHOP’S annual Pancake Day event, questioning “what’s the catch?” Well, apparently there isn’t one; however IHOP does ask customers to leave any spare change-later to be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.  I think that whoever created this holiday is a breakfast mastermind.  The idea of IHOP giving back to the community will in return bring in customers to donate and raise money for a great cause!

The only thing I don’t understand is how I never heard about the event. I didn’t see anything on Facebook; none of my friends mentioned it, and some of them even work at IHOP! I didn’t even see a single Instagram picture or receive on snap chat of a plate of pancakes. It makes me wonder; maybe they didn’t try too hard in town to make National Pancake Day more aware because they didn’t want to lose money serving out free food? There are so many ways they could have promoted this event. I think that each IHOP should be in charge of reaching out in their community to promote their event.  IHOP here in Ellensburg could have plastered the town and campus with posters and flyers. College students would swarm the restaurant donating spare change in return for free food!

Check out Rachel’s post for more information:!The-PR-Behind-National-Pancake-Day/cvbr/D253A08A-8DFB-4600-9BF8-4B545BE0CAEC


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