“Dad’s Sixth Sense”

“There once was a time when only dad could save the day. Now with the new safety features in the Hyundai Genesis, dad can take a little break.”

Of all the 2014 Super Bowl commercials, this one was one of the most memorable. The commercial reveals a story that many viewers can relate to; the story of a dad’s sixth sense, coming to the rescue at the last second to protect his son. The “close call” situations are funny and realistic, as the dad protects his son  as a toddler from bashing his head or from being hit with a piñata stick at a birthday party.  As the commercial went on, the son slowly aged, eventually growing into a teenage boy learning to drive; a very scary time in a parents life. Although the commercial features a father and son, it  still reveals the overall idea of true parenting. The commercial was great, it’s humorous and yet relatable for a wide audience.

–“The safety features of the Genesis are like the safety a dad provides to his children, coming to the rescue when it counts”, explains Steve Shannon, vice president of marketing at Hyundai Motor America”–

To view the commercial click this link




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