Exercise is Medicine

ImageA new trend in today’s fitness and medical industry involves a new campaign; preventative medicine.  It is a new way for physicians, doctors and health care professionals to assess their patients and clients. Instead of prescribing medication and surgeries they are now taking a holistic health approach. Their new slogan is “Your prescription for health: exercise is medicine”.

Exercise is Medicine is committed to the belief that exercise and physical activity are integral in the prevention and treatment of diseases and should be regularly assessed as part of all medical care.

I have always believed in holistic health; a form of alternative medicine where you focus primarily on yourself as a whole. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet is truly a huge part of disease prevention. I think that a lot more people in today’s society are more health conscious and take more care of their bodies, especially today’s generation of young adults.  From a PR standpoint, I can see this campaign becoming widely successful. Many people who have not heard of or been informed about the benefits of holistic medicine will soon learn how much healthier it is on your body. On their website Exercise is Medicine, you can review their social media, media kits, events, news articles, and news releases. In a few news releases they reveal information such as; cut heart attack risk through vigorous exercise,  combat childhood obesity- get kids active, and prevention involves lifestyle changes not just diagnostics.

This campaign may change the face of the health, fitness, and medical industry as we know it, and I am glad. This will drastically change the corporate fields of medicine and their market share as well as the number of jobs in the health and fitness industry. Those who are becoming nutritionists, personal trainers, physical therapists, even clinical physiologists, will have a better chance at finding a successful career. Large businesses such as trader Joes, Whole Foods, and the organic food market may find an increase in their sales. Companies big and small that offer dance, aerobic, and personal training may find an increase in clientele. Even large chain organizations such as the YMCA or Boys and Girls club may see an increase in memerberships. This campaign is going to sky-rocket and change the perception of medicine in today’s society.



Smartphones Entering the Hotel Business

A classmate of mine recently blogged about the use of Smartphone’s in the hotel industry. Starwood hotel is currently undergoing a new program that will allow guests to receive their room key through their Smartphone. The use of a keyless Smartphone entry is a great idea and can be marketed to a wide range of audiences. By staying on track with new technologies, the company is proving themselves worthy to their customers. They show great efforts in trying to keep up with the ever changing world of technology. It shows true customer service; trying to maintain their company in order to reach the needs and wants of their guests.

My only concern with the idea of welcoming Smartphone keys in hotels is that some people don’t have the technology for it. For instance, my grandma and my dad are not very tech. savvy so they only use old school cell phones. I’m curious how the hotel will work around this issue; although technology is growing with modern day consumers- a good portion of their guests may be of older generations who have no interests in staying to date with technology. Do to the up rise in cyber hacking they should definatley consider how they plan to market this campaign- it is very important to reassure the community how safe and reliable this new tool is.

Macalister Robert Clark

Last week Starwood Hotel and Resorts announced a pilot program to allow customers to receive their room keys through their smartphones. Starwoods owns and operates 1,150 properties in 100 countries. Not only is this a smart business move for Starwood, it continues to build their image of excellent customer service.  Its 2014 and we still use little plastic cards to get into our rooms they want to disrupt the arachic check-in process and usher in the 21st Century. Their ability to see the advantages both logistically and the public relations benefits is ingenious.

Technology is invading our lives every day. From wearable technology to smart thermostats we continue to try to make our day-to-day life easier by integrating technology.  Starwood is showing that they care about their guests, they realize checking into a hotel is not a fun process and they are trying to find a way to change how…

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What’s the price of your child’s safety when flying?

ImageThe Flight Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently debating a new policy change regarding infants under the age of 2 flying without their own seat.  Their current policy has brought up a lot of criticism; many believe that it is unsafe, and that holding a child in your lap will not keep them safe during heavy turbulence, or worse an unhappy landing. Beth Blair, a former flight attendant told the Today Show her thoughts on this debate.

“It never made sense to me why they would allow a little precious baby to sit on a lap,” Blair said.

Although holding a child in your lap seems less safe than restraining them in a car seat beside you, the FAA also questions how the change will affect their flight bookings; scared that if they change the policy then many families will revert to other forms of transportation in order to save money. It is a struggle to choose which side I would agree with. I understand the risk of safety for infants on flights, but it has been the same policy for decades, why change it now if it has been fine in the past? If the policy were to change, I know that a lot of my extended family with young children would visit less due to the extra expense.  I definitely agree that their flight sales will decline if it changed, however I think that if they market the change correctly it can make a huge difference.  They should make the number one message in their new campaign the safety of children, and the risks that their child would have been in had it not changed.

According to the FAA, “about 58 people in the US are injured by turbulence every year from not being buckled in their seats”.

They can emphasize how they only want the best for their “families that fly with them”. This insures that the FAA is not changing policy over money. They could also offer, for no extra charge, car seats for children on the flight. This saves the parents the hassle of lugging the heavy-giant apparatus around the airport.  As stated by Beth Blair “Our children are priceless”. The FAA should make child safety a priority, however should not take advantage of the $$ and instead help families by offering special packaged deals or seats at a lower fare. It will be interesting to see where the FAA will take this and how companies as well as families will respond.

To read more about this issue follow this link: http://www.today.com/travel/severely-bumpy-flights-boost-lap-baby-concerns-2D12145603

The FAA: http://www.faa.gov/passengers/fly_safe/turbulence/

The “Golden State”

California has long been known as the “Golden State”; great beaches, warm and sunny almost all year round.  Most families choose California as their vacation destination because of the wide selection of entertainment for kids; Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm,  SeaWorld, Sand Diego Zoo, Hollywood. But these are all common misconceptions, there is a lot more to California living than just the glitz, glam, and sunshine.

Their states current efforts and reputation is pretty well off  right now; advertising themselves as the place where you can “Dream Big”. The campaign reveals the things you can do in California besides Hollywood and beaches; they prove that there is a lot more to California living than the common misconceptions. I like that in their commercials they advertise camping, hiking, and skiing in the mountains. It is a great idea because most people don’t think about snow and lodges when they picture vacationing in Cali.  I think that by creating a commercial that includes everything from Disneyland, shopping down Rideau, building sand castles, and seeing the Hollywood stars – they could then include sipping wine in the Napa Valley, boating on Shasta, and skiing in the mountains. Making commercials that reveal city, mountain and coastal living will be an eye opener to those who have only experienced  one way of California.

From a more creative standpoint they could create seasonal Campaigns; commercials, billboards in airports to help bring in more tourists during off seasons. The advertisements could be based off of the upcoming seasons. For instance, summer could show surfing, camping, river floats, and oceanic hikes. In the fall they could focus more on adults while kids are in school; revealing wine tasting, romantic dinners, the golden gate bridge and beach excursions.  For the colder winter seasons they could focus just as they have been- on skiing, snowboarding and the mountain lodge experiences. Lastly, spring could reveal a little bit of everything; mountains, beaches, dining and the zoo!  California has so much to offer, and depending on where in the state you travel the weather will also differ. If it was my campaign I would change  the “Dream big” idea and instead advertise the state as “California- the Universal State”, a place where  everything you want to do comes to you.  The only place you can travel from a city to a beach or from beach to the mountains in a day.

Visit their tourism website to find out more: http://www.visitcalifornia.com/Things-To-Do/

D&G takes sexy too far

ImageDolce and Gabbana are known for being risqué, but when do their sexy bronzed and glamorized ads become too much? One of their ads has created a lot of controversy. The ad above has been widely controversial and been looked at as a “glamorization of gang rape”. Three men watch as a fourth pins down a young woman, she’s restrained and her face reveals almost a blank look. The way the shot was taken reveals submissiveness; she seems as if helpless in the situation and is positioned around large men gawking at her. This image is what leads many people to view the ad as a representation of abuse and violence.  I see the ad as being demeaning of women; objectifying her as nothing more than a play toy for sex.

This ad not only degrades women, but represents the cliché stereotype of men as well. They are all of course attractive, partially unclothed, strong, and appear domineering. The ad portrays the man as controlling the woman; further emphasizing his dominance and masculinity.

D&G ads portray visualized messages that degrade women, the way they position the models in their photo’s are offending.   The problem with this as is that it it’s not just sexy it is vulgar. The ad came out in 2007 and was displayed across billboards, media, and magazine spreads across the globe.  Adults are not the only ones who view this ad, what kind of message does the give to younger generations- young girls and boys? We live in a world where sex sells. With this comes controversy, but not matter, publicity is publicity.

Our Unethical Fast Food World

A fellow class mate of mine recently posted regarding the unethical, unhealthy, and destructive wrong doings that the fast food industry caused against the American society; even more so, the world. Michael posted a short commercial that I think is the perfect example of most Americans today. It revealed a dead man on a screening table while his wife stood watching over him bawling. The commercial then pans out, and the man was still grasping a half un-eaten cheeseburger. It then ends by showing the golden arch we are all too familiar with, symbolizing McDonalds, with the slogan “I loved it”. I really liked the commercial, and even more so the past tense version of the slogan, because it makes a huge a statement. I wonder if someone were to publicize and broadcast this commercial if it would be considered legal. If they slightly changed the logo and kept the slogan the same I think it would be safe and would fall under the parody law of being protected. I think that there should be commercials like that on TV because then maybe more people would be persuaded to choose something other than fast food for dinner.
I recently was having a conversation with my roommate about this very topic. Now, first off, I will admit that I have had fast food plenty of times. I agree that it is a cheap and convenient way to eat when on the run. Often times as a kid my mom would take us for happy meals when on long car trips of after a hectic day when she had no time to cook; however that is also the problem. Americans are so busy running around and all about the “go-go-go” that we don’t take the time to provide ourselves with nutritious meals. As I have gotten older and became more aware of my body and the foods I consume I have become more against the thought of eating fast food. As I discussed this topic with my roommate Kadie, we both agreed that as much as we love our parents and how they raised us we will never feed our children fast food. I don’t want to raise my children someday off of grease by-product meals. In fact they are not meals, they don’t contain fruit, vegetables, even real meat (and no a frozen patty, pickles and soggy lettuce drenched with chlorine does not count). I also don’t want my children drinking a soda and get addicted to McDonalds salty, grease soaked fries; which unfortunately I was introduced to as a kid and had loved. I think that more parents should be teaching their kids about the importance of eating healthy, and more importantly, parents should be eating healthy to not only set an example but to also keep from increasing their risk of mortality.
The fast food industry accounts for not only the cause of obesity, but heart disease, diabetes, addiction, weight gain, and most importantly, mortality. It’s a downward spiral of destructiveness and only we can account for it. Why enjoy the 5 minutes of a meal and then be stuck with the lifetime of consequences? Choose healthy or eat at your own risk.
To watch the video follow Michael and read his blog: http://rigginmikej.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/our-unethical-fast-food-world/

College & Travel Log

Fast food is hell. Can I just say that? I find nothing more offensive than the fast food world.

People need to know what they are consuming because big businesses want to eat us up for profit, milk our wallets for capital, lure us in like cattle to the slaughterhouse, its a shame the entire scheme is, and I used to work at one!

Like most employees at fast food restaurants, I was looking for a part-time job that didn’t require any past experience to get hired. Being my first job, I’d have to say it was my least favorite- picking apples was more dignifying, good grief.

Employees are under paid and work long, exhausting hours sweating above a deep fryer, attending every dolly pardon and joe shmoe on god’s green earth who stumbles in.

I have the right to say, ever since fast food became prevalent in American society…

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The Shutdown of Dumb Starbucks

Dumb Starbucks Referred to themselves as a “non-profit parody art project”. On USA today they asked customers why they believe the store name was created, some people commented back believing it’s “to go against the big fish”.   Many people lined the street corners to get a taste of “Dumb Starbucks”; while others visited the store to simply “get a good Instagram pic”.  All in all I think that the idea of creating a parody Starbucks store was creative, not only did they receive a large amount of customers the day of the opening, but they also gave Starbucks a large amount of publicity and time in the spotlight.

Later Monday evening, Dumb Starbucks was officially shut down due to the comedian Nathan Fielder of Comedy Central.  USA today has been in contact with the headquarters of Starbucks; listening to their response on this issue. Starbucks stated that they are continuing to proceed in response to the parody. They handled the situation professionally and calmly; stating that Dumb Starbucks is not affiliated with Starbucks.

“We are evaluating next steps and while we appreciate the humor, they cannot use our name, which is a protected trademark,” according to Starbuck’s email.”