Super Bowl makes its way down Broadway!

This past week, according to The New York times, 13 blocks of Broadway has now been transformed into a Super Bowl fan fest! “America’s most famous sporting tournament meets America’s most famous street”, they even named it Super Bowl Boulevard. Billboards, goal kicking nets, event tables, and heart-throbbing fans line the streets from Time square down to Heralds square. The Vince Lombardi trophy is one of the biggest tourist attractions on the street; sitting on display through Saturday for fans to see. Other organizations such as the NFL play60 for kids set up a block of games and interactive events for both children and adults to “stay active and get involved”. Those strong enough to stand in the cold even had the opportunity to get the “fast pass line for autographs” from great NFL players such as Sean Jackson. Even Stores including Macy’s lined their windows and front entrances in spirit for Sunday’s big game. From a PR perspective the “Super Bowling Down Broadway” was an ingenious idea, and for true football loving American’s it just doesn’t get much better than this.
Take a look at this video on The New York Times Website to get an up-close and personal tour of Super Bowl Boulevard!



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