Justin Bieber Arrested: my response

<p><a href=’http://michaelathiel.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/justin-bieber-arrested/’>Justin Bieber Arrested</a>.</p>


After reading Michaela’s blog I learned more about the recent arrest of Bieber and his run-in with the law. I didn’t know that he was bailed out for only $2,500. This is hardly a slap on the wrist to a man that makes millions off of one showing. The fact that he is not the first of many young artists to make this mistake makes me question the level of authority we really have against them. Time after time celebrities are caught drinking and driving, and causing public disruption only to have to pay a small fee smile for a mug shot camera and be on their way. I agree that Bieber is not only an artist but a role model. He was found on YouTube at a young age, only to be found and turned into fame overnight. Children of all ages aspire to follow in his footsteps with hope to one day let their voices be heard. From a PR standpoint I believe that all artists, celebrities, advocates, need to realize that even off stage or behind the scenes they still uphold a social responsibility. This is the same for any career a person decides to get into; you must maintain your personal image because what you do and how you act reflects and represents your business. In this case it represents Bieber’s image and his lack of respect towards his fans. Like Michaela stated in her blog “The only things he posted about were upcoming concerts and how he loves his “Beliebers”. If Justin Bieber, or his publicist, cared about his reputation at all, he would make some public statement apologizing for his actions”. In my opinion his image of being a sweet and extraordinarily talented boy is gone, and is now a crazy irresponsible teenager that needs to be set straight before he makes more poor choices.




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