Is Obama a Bieber fan?!

ImageJustin Bieber‘s recent run-in with the law has not only created a social media uproar but now a political debate on whether or not he should be deported back to his home in Canada.  Just a week ago Bieber was convicted of driving with an expired license, while drunk and high, not to mention the fact that he resisted his arrest. Updated today, The New York times estimated that 200,000 people have already signed the White House petition to deport him; however the Obama Administration claims that they will not deport anyone unless they have violated a serious law. I’m sorry but is driving under the influence and crashing not a serious violation? Not to mention the fact that he resisted authority! That right there is 3 laws being violated.  It makes me question what the government finds as a serious law violation, does it mean losing someone’s life before they will make a change?!

From a PR standpoint this has created a lot of publicity for Bieber, despite the hoopla of it all he needs to realize that with his fame and fortune comes responsibility. He is a teenage icon to millions of children, and he needs to realize that every single one of them look up to him. He is throwing his good boy reputation out the window, with the whole world to watch.  Personally, I think he should be put on some form of probation, perhaps sentence him several months back to Canada. We have seen this issue in every teenage star, they go wild, party make mistakes and end up in rehab. But the difference, as I see it,  between Bieber and say Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus is that he is a foreigner. Those who don’t respect and abide by our law should be forced to leave the US, especially when it is putting other US citizens lives in danger.

The other issue is that Obama and his administration don’t feel the need to take serious action.  Beiber is on a work O-1 Visa otherwise known as “individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement”.  My question is why is the exception?

“Unfortunately, the Obama administration acts as though foreigners have a right to be here. The president could change the perception, and show that he really is committed to holding outsiders to our standers, by sending Justin Bieber back home but he won’t”.

Whose side would you take in this situation? Are they really blowing this out of the water or should Bieber take a long time out and go back to Canada?

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