ASK-Washington’s 2014 Campaign

Recently, this past Wednesday, Seattle anti-gun advocates launched a new campaign called ASK( Asking Saves Kids), endorsed by the public health agency. The idea is to “encourage families to ask parents whether or not they have a gun present before allowing their children to play at a friend’s home”.  This will be a year-long campaign that will be promoted through: posters, print advertisements, social media, and the training of members to promote the new idea amongst the community. Through this campaign their primary goal is to influence parents to converse with one another, this ensures that each child is in a safe environment.  According to ASSAF, statistics have shown that ten children are killed or injured by a gun every day. A recent study has also discovered that more than 5,000 homes within King County contain a loaded and unlocked gun.  The agency in charge of this campaign is also in the works of offering 10-15% discounts on certain gun locked boxes and safes. 

Since the campaign was just recently launched I am interested to see where it will go. The idea behind the campaign is great, I think it a great way to start building a safer community for families and for our children. I believe that in this day in age having a gun or other form of weapons is a necessity, alarm systems, dogs, and baseball bats can only do so much. However, I do agree that if a person or household carries a gun that they should by law have some form of lock or secured box to keep them in, especially in a home with children. I think another Idea that the campaign should encourage is classes on the proper use gun control. They should encourage parents to teach their children over a certain age how to properly use a gun. I know that this may sound bad but I know that I would rather my kids know how to properly use a gun than to have it in my home without any knowledge of how to hold and use it, it is simply a lesson a tool for self defense. The ASK campaign is a great idea, however it may cause some controversy with families that are anti-gun and violence.

To read more on about the ASK campaign view these sites:


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