Everyday Media!

ImageToday I created a media journal where I observed and made note of advertisements, promotions, and other forms of media exposure.  Since it is a Sunday, I slept in and didn’t begin my journal until 11 am! As part of my morning routine I woke up and checked my Facebook. Just on Facebook alone we are exposed to hundreds of advertisements a day such as: pop-up food ads, links to music videos, Starbucks and Jamba Juice drinks, even pins my friends have reposted of clothing  brands. I continued throughout my day to remain alert and be aware of the advertisements around me. Instead of listing off all of the promotions, ads, radio announcements and commercials I instead want to focus on the main messages.  As Americans we are consumed with eating food, good deals, and maintaining the perfect body image. Throughout the day I came across media exposure that would influence us to go out and purchase food, whether it is coupons and specials or “low in calorie” drinks that will boost your energy. There is always a “what’s in it for you” side to every advertisement.  I continued to notice that between these advertisements were ads exposing us to what we are expected to be, how we are expected to look, smell and feel about ourselves. So basically we are being  influenced and dragged into to opposite directions,  we see advertisements for Burger King and Wendy’s and then are told to buy treadmill’s and weight loss metabolism pills. We are surround by media that is trying to influence in both negative and positive ways, we just need to learn what to ignore and what to be motivated by. 

Tonight is also the Grammy Awards live on E! I have been watching and listening to the Red Carpet interviews throughout the evening and can’t believe how much media exposure and advertising I have seen within every interview. Of course it’s not a Red Carpet affair without promoting the “what are you wearing” designer suits and gowns, however by listening in on the interviews- a lot of the artists mention more than just their clothing. They promote their upcoming TV shows, music videos, and new albums.  My favorite interview was when Ryan Seacrest spoke with Mackelmore. He spoke proudly of being from Seattle and how supportive and excited he is for the Seahawks to go to the Superbowl!

Take the time look around and see the messages and media that you are exposed to everyday, you will be surprised by what you see!


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