Jelly Belly’s new beer flavor a win or a fail? –My response


Jelly Belly is known for its creative and flavorful candy, but is creating a draft beer flavor taking it too far? Many people will probably find the flavor unique and will love to use the new flavor at parties and events, for instance football games! However other people are against the idea believing it will promote the use of alcohol to children. Shannon, a classmate of mine posted a blog regarding their new product and regardless of the controversy she believes the beans will still be a success. “I still stick with my stance, that as far as creating an interesting new flavor, Jelly Belly takes the win. I think beer lovers and even people with a general interest, will be trying this new flavor.”   

If Jelly Belly markets the beer flavor specifically towards adults, then the beans could become widely popular. The company made note that the beer flavor was created in addition to their other alcohol free flavors such as daiquiri and margarita. The only problem is all of those other flavors that mimic alcoholic drinks are also offered as virgin beverages, whereas beer is only seen as an alcoholic beverage. I think that because it is a draft beer flavor, regardless that it is free of alcohol, they should advertise towards those of age; mainly to avoid confrontation. I am very intrigued to try Jelly Belly’s new flavor, and am curious to see how the company will market the new flavor.

Follow Shannon’s link to read more. Watch the video she posted- how Jelly Belly created the flavor


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