Wings of an angel- saving dog’s one step at a time


I have a passion for animals; sheltered dogs are especially my weakness. As a child I always wanted to buy a huge home with plenty of land where I could foster animals in need rather than them being stuck in a cold cement pen at a shelter. I take a lot of interest in local animal shelters and companies that help animals. I read in the news that an organization called Wings of Rescue has recently flown animals once living in shelters throughout California up here to Washington State. They reported saving 18 dogs that would have otherwise been put down, had they not been rescued.  All rescued dogs have been through traumatic experiences. A shelter in California almost put down an impregnated dog due to space and cost implications.  This small organization is always in need of volunteers or donations. Find them on Facebook and share with your friends!

“Wings of Rescue is an all-volunteer organization that has a passion for flying and a desire to save shelter animals from euthanasia”

They have some very touching stories of animals they have saved over the years- click this link to read more about the organization:


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