Seahawks Blue Friday- a weekly tradition!

starbucksI think it is so awesome to look around us today and see the pride we have amongst our community to support our Seahawks.  Men and women of all ages dress from head to toe to represent our team; flags fly high on doorsteps and the sides of cars, even our companions are sporting Seahawks pride! My family and friends get a little crazy as well; we dress up and go all out. I have even made a promise to friends that when we win and go to the Superbowl that I will dye my white puppy in Seahawks colors. These are all whacky ways we show our support and everyone has fun doing it.

Seahawks blue Friday seems to me like a weekly holiday, not only do we all pull out our jerseys and hats but companies have began to join in as well. Companies dress up their businesses with window paint, balloons, and flags. They have joined in as being a 12th man fan and it is genius. Yesterday, companies such as Starbucks and Jack in the box show their spirit by offering specials to customers who show off their pride (only for Washington State locations).  Starbucks offered tall 12 oz brewed coffee for only 12 cents to coffee lovers that wore Seahawks colors. Jack in the box offered a 12 percent discount on meals to customers representing their spirit. I have also noticed restaurants offering special alcoholic beverages named and in the colors representing our team. You can begin to see the theme in these promotions; using the amount of 12 in way they can to reel in fans/customers. The ideas are genius and yet so simple. I can’t wait to see what will be in store if we go to Superbowl; can you imagine the number of business’s offering specials and incentives?!

To read more follow think link on Q13 Fox News Site:


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