Microsoft- A true 12th man fan

ImageAlthough Microsoft is a successful company, they still struggle to compete with the well known Ipad tablets and Google search engine. To help advertise Microsoft products they decided to pair up with the Seahawks. They brilliantly take advantage of Seattle Seahawks fans by incorporating their ads into 12th man spirit gear. Tomorrow the company plans to hand out 12th man towels to fans; stitched with both the Seahawks and Bing logo, as well as the hashtag #BingHawks.

Microsoft has continued to think outside the box consistently updating software and finding new and innovative ways to meet the needs of their consumers.

“This season with Xbox One, we wanted to make Sundays interactive,” said Ryan Luckin, senior PR manager for Xbox.”

Microsoft also hosts Xbox events where fans and game lovers unite and get the chance to meet Seahawks players. Bing also sponsors the Seahawks training camp and during training the players receive jerseys to wear that display the Bing logo. I think that by reaching out and connecting with Seahawks fans they have not only created a whole new market share but they are also showing their support for their team.   They have pushed their ideas to the limit coming up with new ways to meet their audiences of all ages and I think that shows true commitment.

“We really view ourselves as not only a partner to the Hawks but to Seahawks fans as well,” Muskopf said. “What we see we do is bring fans closer to the Hawks.”


To read more about Microsoft and their partnership with the Seahawks click here:


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