ABC’s Backlash: My response

ImageA fellow classmate of mine recently posted a blog regarding current ABC television shows and how celebrities are continuing to make controversial statements against the LGBTQ community. The Bachelor is one of the most watched shows on ABC, but after a negative comment from Juan Pablo, viewers of this heart-throb may have a change in heart. Juan Pablo made a statement in an interview with Sean Daly that he disagrees with ABC’s idea of creating a gay season of the Bachelor. He believes it would not be “a good example for kids”.  Now I think that he was out of line to make a comment such as this against the LGBTQ community, however he does have the right to his own opinion and freedom of speech.  In response to his comment, I don’t even think the bachelor is age appropriate for children to view, regardless of the gender or sex of the season.

Now my question is- Why does ABC continue to air their celebrities making such comments? They choose not to edit, skip, and bleep out the sections of their show that are creating such backlash. But because they continue to air the clips, they have no choice but to present themselves and their beliefs in order to save their reputation.

In her blog, Carli mentioned

“if ABC doesn’t want society to think that they are anti-gay, they would make a statement saying that the views Juan Pablo expressed in the interview did not reflect their own”.

I 110 percent agree with Carli! It is important that ABC makes clear to their viewers their opinion on the situation and express where they stand on the idea of creating a gay season of the Bachelor.


To read Carli’s blog click the following link:


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