Blackfish- Certain animals are not meant to be captured and cannot be controlled

ImageSeaWorld used to be thought of by many as an extraordinary place where “imagination meets nature”. Today millions of Americans claim to never support SeaWorld again, myself included.

To those who have not yet seen the documentary ‘Blackfish’, I highly recommend that you do. It is a brutally honest film that has opened the eyes of millions to the unseen world and life of a single orca whale named Tilikum.  Tilikum was taken from his natural born habitat and away from his family to then be put in a small concrete pool they claimed to be his home.  The documentary discloses events that have occurred throughout the past and the victims whose lives were taken.  Revealing never before seen footage of SeaWorld’s whales and the interaction they encounter with their trainers.  The film unveils how SeaWorld creates a delusion for their guests and throughout the media in order to keep them afloat.   After watching the film, I see SeaWorld as an inhumane company that treats their trainers as if they are disposable.  They have continued, even after the release of Blackfish, to deny their wrong doings and misleading the public.  

On their website SeaWorld openly states the following:

SeaWorld does not capture killer whales in the wild”

we haven’t collected a killer whale from the wild in 35 years. In fact, only two of the whales in our care were collected by SeaWorld and they continue to be in our care today”.   

I find it interesting that according to the documentary whales live to be between 30-50 years of age… right around the same amount of time it’s been since they have taken in a captured whale. Had they not bred Tilikum, it would have been only a matter of time until they would need a new entertainment star.

From a PR standpoint, SeaWorld is trying to uphold their public image in a positive light. They don’t want to be the bad guys, although, after this film it may be too little too late.


You can find an open letter from Sea World in response to the film and uproar from viewers on their main website by following this link: .

Read more about the documentary on The New York Times website:


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