ASK-Washington’s 2014 Campaign

Recently, this past Wednesday, Seattle anti-gun advocates launched a new campaign called ASK( Asking Saves Kids), endorsed by the public health agency. The idea is to “encourage families to ask parents whether or not they have a gun present before allowing their children to play at a friend’s home”.  This will be a year-long campaign that will be promoted through: posters, print advertisements, social media, and the training of members to promote the new idea amongst the community. Through this campaign their primary goal is to influence parents to converse with one another, this ensures that each child is in a safe environment.  According to ASSAF, statistics have shown that ten children are killed or injured by a gun every day. A recent study has also discovered that more than 5,000 homes within King County contain a loaded and unlocked gun.  The agency in charge of this campaign is also in the works of offering 10-15% discounts on certain gun locked boxes and safes. 

Since the campaign was just recently launched I am interested to see where it will go. The idea behind the campaign is great, I think it a great way to start building a safer community for families and for our children. I believe that in this day in age having a gun or other form of weapons is a necessity, alarm systems, dogs, and baseball bats can only do so much. However, I do agree that if a person or household carries a gun that they should by law have some form of lock or secured box to keep them in, especially in a home with children. I think another Idea that the campaign should encourage is classes on the proper use gun control. They should encourage parents to teach their children over a certain age how to properly use a gun. I know that this may sound bad but I know that I would rather my kids know how to properly use a gun than to have it in my home without any knowledge of how to hold and use it, it is simply a lesson a tool for self defense. The ASK campaign is a great idea, however it may cause some controversy with families that are anti-gun and violence.

To read more on about the ASK campaign view these sites:


Super Bowl makes its way down Broadway!

This past week, according to The New York times, 13 blocks of Broadway has now been transformed into a Super Bowl fan fest! “America’s most famous sporting tournament meets America’s most famous street”, they even named it Super Bowl Boulevard. Billboards, goal kicking nets, event tables, and heart-throbbing fans line the streets from Time square down to Heralds square. The Vince Lombardi trophy is one of the biggest tourist attractions on the street; sitting on display through Saturday for fans to see. Other organizations such as the NFL play60 for kids set up a block of games and interactive events for both children and adults to “stay active and get involved”. Those strong enough to stand in the cold even had the opportunity to get the “fast pass line for autographs” from great NFL players such as Sean Jackson. Even Stores including Macy’s lined their windows and front entrances in spirit for Sunday’s big game. From a PR perspective the “Super Bowling Down Broadway” was an ingenious idea, and for true football loving American’s it just doesn’t get much better than this.
Take a look at this video on The New York Times Website to get an up-close and personal tour of Super Bowl Boulevard!


Justin Bieber Arrested: my response

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After reading Michaela’s blog I learned more about the recent arrest of Bieber and his run-in with the law. I didn’t know that he was bailed out for only $2,500. This is hardly a slap on the wrist to a man that makes millions off of one showing. The fact that he is not the first of many young artists to make this mistake makes me question the level of authority we really have against them. Time after time celebrities are caught drinking and driving, and causing public disruption only to have to pay a small fee smile for a mug shot camera and be on their way. I agree that Bieber is not only an artist but a role model. He was found on YouTube at a young age, only to be found and turned into fame overnight. Children of all ages aspire to follow in his footsteps with hope to one day let their voices be heard. From a PR standpoint I believe that all artists, celebrities, advocates, need to realize that even off stage or behind the scenes they still uphold a social responsibility. This is the same for any career a person decides to get into; you must maintain your personal image because what you do and how you act reflects and represents your business. In this case it represents Bieber’s image and his lack of respect towards his fans. Like Michaela stated in her blog “The only things he posted about were upcoming concerts and how he loves his “Beliebers”. If Justin Bieber, or his publicist, cared about his reputation at all, he would make some public statement apologizing for his actions”. In my opinion his image of being a sweet and extraordinarily talented boy is gone, and is now a crazy irresponsible teenager that needs to be set straight before he makes more poor choices.


Is Obama a Bieber fan?!

ImageJustin Bieber‘s recent run-in with the law has not only created a social media uproar but now a political debate on whether or not he should be deported back to his home in Canada.  Just a week ago Bieber was convicted of driving with an expired license, while drunk and high, not to mention the fact that he resisted his arrest. Updated today, The New York times estimated that 200,000 people have already signed the White House petition to deport him; however the Obama Administration claims that they will not deport anyone unless they have violated a serious law. I’m sorry but is driving under the influence and crashing not a serious violation? Not to mention the fact that he resisted authority! That right there is 3 laws being violated.  It makes me question what the government finds as a serious law violation, does it mean losing someone’s life before they will make a change?!

From a PR standpoint this has created a lot of publicity for Bieber, despite the hoopla of it all he needs to realize that with his fame and fortune comes responsibility. He is a teenage icon to millions of children, and he needs to realize that every single one of them look up to him. He is throwing his good boy reputation out the window, with the whole world to watch.  Personally, I think he should be put on some form of probation, perhaps sentence him several months back to Canada. We have seen this issue in every teenage star, they go wild, party make mistakes and end up in rehab. But the difference, as I see it,  between Bieber and say Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus is that he is a foreigner. Those who don’t respect and abide by our law should be forced to leave the US, especially when it is putting other US citizens lives in danger.

The other issue is that Obama and his administration don’t feel the need to take serious action.  Beiber is on a work O-1 Visa otherwise known as “individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement”.  My question is why is the exception?

“Unfortunately, the Obama administration acts as though foreigners have a right to be here. The president could change the perception, and show that he really is committed to holding outsiders to our standers, by sending Justin Bieber back home but he won’t”.

Whose side would you take in this situation? Are they really blowing this out of the water or should Bieber take a long time out and go back to Canada?

To view this article click the following link:



Everyday Media!

ImageToday I created a media journal where I observed and made note of advertisements, promotions, and other forms of media exposure.  Since it is a Sunday, I slept in and didn’t begin my journal until 11 am! As part of my morning routine I woke up and checked my Facebook. Just on Facebook alone we are exposed to hundreds of advertisements a day such as: pop-up food ads, links to music videos, Starbucks and Jamba Juice drinks, even pins my friends have reposted of clothing  brands. I continued throughout my day to remain alert and be aware of the advertisements around me. Instead of listing off all of the promotions, ads, radio announcements and commercials I instead want to focus on the main messages.  As Americans we are consumed with eating food, good deals, and maintaining the perfect body image. Throughout the day I came across media exposure that would influence us to go out and purchase food, whether it is coupons and specials or “low in calorie” drinks that will boost your energy. There is always a “what’s in it for you” side to every advertisement.  I continued to notice that between these advertisements were ads exposing us to what we are expected to be, how we are expected to look, smell and feel about ourselves. So basically we are being  influenced and dragged into to opposite directions,  we see advertisements for Burger King and Wendy’s and then are told to buy treadmill’s and weight loss metabolism pills. We are surround by media that is trying to influence in both negative and positive ways, we just need to learn what to ignore and what to be motivated by. 

Tonight is also the Grammy Awards live on E! I have been watching and listening to the Red Carpet interviews throughout the evening and can’t believe how much media exposure and advertising I have seen within every interview. Of course it’s not a Red Carpet affair without promoting the “what are you wearing” designer suits and gowns, however by listening in on the interviews- a lot of the artists mention more than just their clothing. They promote their upcoming TV shows, music videos, and new albums.  My favorite interview was when Ryan Seacrest spoke with Mackelmore. He spoke proudly of being from Seattle and how supportive and excited he is for the Seahawks to go to the Superbowl!

Take the time look around and see the messages and media that you are exposed to everyday, you will be surprised by what you see!

Jelly Belly’s new beer flavor a win or a fail? –My response


Jelly Belly is known for its creative and flavorful candy, but is creating a draft beer flavor taking it too far? Many people will probably find the flavor unique and will love to use the new flavor at parties and events, for instance football games! However other people are against the idea believing it will promote the use of alcohol to children. Shannon, a classmate of mine posted a blog regarding their new product and regardless of the controversy she believes the beans will still be a success. “I still stick with my stance, that as far as creating an interesting new flavor, Jelly Belly takes the win. I think beer lovers and even people with a general interest, will be trying this new flavor.”   

If Jelly Belly markets the beer flavor specifically towards adults, then the beans could become widely popular. The company made note that the beer flavor was created in addition to their other alcohol free flavors such as daiquiri and margarita. The only problem is all of those other flavors that mimic alcoholic drinks are also offered as virgin beverages, whereas beer is only seen as an alcoholic beverage. I think that because it is a draft beer flavor, regardless that it is free of alcohol, they should advertise towards those of age; mainly to avoid confrontation. I am very intrigued to try Jelly Belly’s new flavor, and am curious to see how the company will market the new flavor.

Follow Shannon’s link to read more. Watch the video she posted- how Jelly Belly created the flavor

Maryland Mall Shooting

On Saturday morning three were left dead from a shooting in a Maryland mall. The incident created a tremendous amount of panic throughout the small suburban community. They noted that a total of nine shots were fired and could be heard from outside the mall.

The event took place inside the well-known skate shop, Zumiez. Since the incident Zumiez has announced that they “plan to make counseling available for store employees in the area”.  They also made note to the community Saturday evening how “deeply saddened” the company is for the violence that took place at the store. From a PR standpoint I think that the company responded to the situation professionally. I think that many customers and family members can appreciate their efforts and sympathy for both their employees as well as the community.

The police officers also responded very professionally; making announcements and updating the public within an hour of the shooting.  You can tell that they had been trained in case of an emergency, handling and communicating with both the media and community in a safe and timely manner. They stated that the believed gunman was found dead at the scene of the crime; however his motive is still under investigation. The department posted on Twitter an hour after the shooting announcing that “the episode appeared to over and that no additional shots had been heard”. They continued to post twitter updates throughout the afternoon. Communicating and responding to the incident in a timely manner shows how professional their department is. I also think that it gains trust within their community; knowing how prepared they were and how calmly they handled the situation.

To read more about the shooting view the article on The New York Times: